Sunday, May 12, 2013

Penyakit ...

Credit: FB (MPH Click)

Guilty as charged! 

As a result ...

And, that's only tips of the iceberg ... you should look what outside the frame .. :(

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... and that justification will never be true in my case!

I. Need. Motivation.



依之汉 said...

Same as me. =(
I went to MPH bookstore near my place just to window shopping but end up with book cost RM50+ in my hand.

Yet, all the books on my rack still waiting for me to read. Uhuks.

Pishaposh said...

I feel you bro... That's typical traits of bookworm.. And... As we speak, i 'accidentally' order anor biography of Margaret Thatcher @ MPHOnline... And really have no idea what will happen to the book.. T_T